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cherry pepper stuffed with cheese
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Zimmermann Garlic


Fresh, pickled cloves of garlic, well seasoned with sweet chili, in vinegar or with french herbs in olive oil ... these spicy and aromatic specialities taste great with meat, cold cuts, sausages and salads. Thanks to a special processing technology and the mild infusion, the garlic has a pleasant, mellow flavour. It can be eaten by itself or used to give your dish a pronounced spicy flavour.


our range of garlic products: 

  • garlic in mild vinegar  212ml jar
  • garlic with country herbs in olive oil   212ml jar
  • gourmet-garlic cream  212ml jar



garlic in mild vinegar 212ml

pickled garlic in mild vinegar

212ml jar

net weight


drained weight



6 jars / pack
25 packs / tier
15 tiers / pallet

shelf life

3 years

EAN number



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